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Ready to assist organizations in the preparedness to mitigate a CBRN, Toxic Industrial Chemical, and Toxic Industrial Material event.

First Responders & First Receivers

Department of Defense

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Who we are

All-Hazards Approach, Experienced in Emergency management

CBRN Professionals is a Veteran owned company based in the Seattle area providing services to the Puget Sound region; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Los Angles, California; San Diego, California and other major cities across the United States of America, and beyond. We are standing ready to assist organizations in the preparedness to mitigate a CBRN, Toxic Industrial Chemical, and Toxic Industrial Material event.

We utilize an All-Hazards approach. We are experienced in Emergency Management, and well trained to provide you the necessary tools to enhance your organizational readiness.

What we do

evaluate. educate. demonstrate.

CBRN Training Response

We use a three tiered model of evaluation, education, and demonstration. Our comprehensive risk management process will identify areas to strengthen your organization. We excess the current threat hazard, vulnerability, and capabilities of your organization. We will identify the type, and amount of equipment that will provide your organization with the appropriate protection.


We will provide senior leaders, and managers CBRN workshops/seminars for your organization. This program provides all leaders with the knowledge of how to implement CBRN programs within your organization. CBRN Professionals provide appropriate Incident Command System (ICS), Emergency Services (EMS), Hazmat and task specific training to First Responders and First Receivers.

First Responders and First Receivers are the first line of defense in the event of a CBRN or TIC/TIM Incident. These Brave men and women should have the best equipment, and training to conduct operations under extreme, and stressful conditions. CBRN Professionals stands together with these heroes to protect life, and infrastructure for these type of events through evaluation, education and demonstration.

Department of Defense Training

CBRN Professionals provides tailored CBRN training to US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corps personnel. We also have trained National Guard and Reserve force elements. We currently have trained over 5000 personnel as of September 2023. Our training products include live training or using video telecast platforms to include zoom and webcast. Our training team consists of professional trainers who have served as 74D’s or 39E’s during active time in Armed Forces of the United States of America. Readiness is the key to responding any CBRN event. Our training facilitates preparedness and execution to survive and operate in an CBRN environment.


We also focus on the needs of the local infrastructure such as Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Public Transit, Department of Transportation, Security firms, Municipalities, Public Education, Universities, Elementary Schools, Fire Services, Local Emergency Operations Centers, TSA, Financial institutions to enhance the organizations response capabilities.

Our exercise program is tailored to your organizational needs. We focus on Command and Control Centers, First Responders and First Receivers, Emergency Operations and Medical Response and other areas as requested. We conduct Table Top, Functional, and Full Scale exercises. Our program is HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise, Evaluation Program) complaint. We conduct a thorough and objective exercise evaluation process concluding with a formal After Action Report. We will also provide an improvement plan, and make recommendations on the implementation to the plan.


CBRN Professionals believes in collaborating with other small business organizations to provide the best products possible to all clients. We stand willing, and ready to work with other organizations on multiple projects. Our teams of professionals are fiscally responsible. We ask a few basic questions to your organizational leadership. We tailor our focus to your needs, and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Department of Defense CBRN Training

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