CBRN References

Resources Compiled by USAF Counterproliferation Center


Commanders’ C-CBRNE Resource
The XOS-FC page containing many resources on CBRNE.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response site
Contains information on all CBRN response scenarios.

CDC Emerging and Infectious Diseases Journal

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Medical NBC Online Information Server

Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical & Biological Warfare

All “Medical Management” Series books and other Army produced NBC books
Requires a login and password from here to access the following books:

  • Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical & Biological Warfare
  • Field Management of Chemical Casualties (Red Book)
  • Clinical Management of Mustard Gas Casualties
  • Medical Management of Biological Casualties (Blue Book)
  • Management of Radiological Casualties
  • NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations (AFJMAN 44-151)
  • The Medical NBC Battle Book – USACHPPM Tech Guide 244
  • Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties – Field Manual (AFMAN() 44-156)

Jane’s Chem-Bio Handbook
A guide for US first responders that consolidates critical planning information and response procedures for a chem-bio incident.

Fundamental on-scene procedural information includes initial response procedures, chemical agent indicator matrix, on-scene handling of biological agents, decontamination procedures, site set-up procedures with detailed graphics, and much more. Also available at Amazon.com.

Department of Homeland Security
Provides links for first responders for resources, training, and other web sites.

DHS Office of Domestic Preparedness video library
Includes video resources with the following titles:

  • Emergency Response to Terrorism Training for Emergency Responder (DVD)
  • Managing Terrorism Incidents – Series (Video)
  • Managing Terrorism Incidents: Using the Incident Command System for WMD Incidents
  • Managing Terrorism Incidents: Using Unified Command on WMD Incidents (Video)
  • Responding to a WMD Crime Scene (Video)
  • Surviving the Secondary Device – the Rules Have Changed (Video)
  • Surviving Weapons of Mass Destruction (Video)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction – the First Responder (Video)

Due to public safety concerns, videos are available to personnel of state and local agencies only. Individuals wishing copies of videos need to provide a written request on agency letterhead and clearly write VIDEO REQUEST on its envelope. Requests should be addressed to:
Office for Domestic Preparedness Support
810 Seventh Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20531

FEMA’s Emergency Response to Terrorism

EPA Office of Homeland Security, Collaborative Network

EPA Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

EPA and Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention
Provides resources and links related to the EPA’s response in a terrorist event.

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
Includes information on packaging and shipping CBRNE contaminated materials for analysis in “SOP for BioMedical Samples.”

Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (CBIAC)
The CBIAC serves as the focal point for DoD Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) scientific and technical information.

Monterey Institute of International Studies–Chemical and Biological Weapons Resource Page

National Defense University (NDU) WMD Center
The Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction research interests include U.S. nonand counterproliferation policies and programs, doctrine and training, understanding NBC operational effects, alliance preparedness and cooperation.

National Research Council
Search shown is for “emergency responder,” however site allows for any search for documents, many that are free on-line.

Jim Placke’s NBC Links
Site provides easy access to info on CBRN warfare, defense, and domestic preparedness.

Federation of American Scientists—Terrorism and WMD
The Federation of American Scientists focuses the resources of the scientific and technical community. Website provides information on Threats, Preparedness, and Response.

EAI Corporation
Includes incident response cards.

EAI Corporation Links
Includes many links to CBRNE related websites.

National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
Dedicated to preventing terrorism or mitigating its effects with a special obligation to first responders. Sponsor research to discover equipment, training and procedures that might assist responders in preventing terrorism and responding to it.

ChemBio Weapons and WMD Terrorism News
Receive by e-mail links and excerpts from articles and other online resources related to chemical and biological weapons, and WMD terrorism. The email listserv is distributed on M-W-F. E-mail chembio-terror@cnslists.miis.edu with the subject heading “subscribe.”

Homeland Defense Journal
Homeland Defense Journal facilitates communication among all levels of government concerned with homeland security, covering the issues and the technology, solutions, policies, people, case studies and events affecting that community.

Disaster Resource Guide
Source of information on commercial firms which can assist during emergencies. Also lists FEMA and emergency response organizations by region/state.

Office of the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Counterproliferation and Chemical and Biological Defense
More strategic level information and reports, includes joint planning information.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, War on Terrorism/Counterterrorism
Includes link to 9/11 Commission report, responses to anthrax and suspicious letters, etc.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

OSHA Emergency Preparedness

OSHA Biological Agents

OSHA Anthrax eTool

Emergency Response and Research Institute
Articles with links to CBRNE response operations/concerns.


Chemical Terrorism Wall Chart

Summaries about hazardous substances—a quick and easy to understand guide.

USAF CPC Links to Chemical Resources

National Library of Medicine, Specialized Information Services
Provides information on chemical warfare agents and links to government information resources and other websites.

Has links to companies and MSDSs


Bioterrorism Wall Chart

USAMRIID’s Medical Management Of Biological Casualties Handbook 5th Ed., Aug 2004

Suspicious Letter Guidance

Food and Drug Administration—Counterterrorism
Provides information on biological agents, such as anthrax and small pox, and provides information on food security.

USAF CPC Links to Biological Resources

The Center for Biosecurity
The Center for Biosecurity works to prevent the development and use of biological weapons and to lessen the illness, death and civil disruption that would result.


Medical Managment of Radiological Casualties Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2003

Other Radiological Information from AFRRI

USAF CPC Links to Nuclear/Radiological Resources

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