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Are you a CBRN professional? This is the place for you to keep up with the latest in CBRN news and events.

CBRN Professionals excels in providing excellent service to our customers and clients. We will keep you informed on pertinent CBRN issues worldwide. We have dedicated people who strive to keep our staff updated with current information on the ever changing technology in the development of new CBRN detectors and other equipment for our first responders/first receivers and department of defense clients. We will also track the changes in CBRN software applications, specifically plume modeling, for our clients who provide consequence management.

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CBRN Professionals has a relationship with the professionals that provide the CBRNE magazine and supports the products and services that are offered. We pledge also to respond quickly to requests for information in a timely manner. Our motto is 24 hours, seven days a week 365 days a year. There is always someone available to process information. Our teams of professionals all have a CBRN background that allows us to provide excellent customer service.

We understand the difficult task of keeping our nation’s infrastructure safe and secure from the cowardly acts that would be terrorists plan and execute against targets at home and abroad. We stand alongside you, ready and willing, to prepare your organization and employees in defense readiness. We also stand ready to assist you in the mitigation of toxic industrial chemicals and toxic industrial materials.

Our teams of professionals have experience in emergency management. We follow the All-hazard model approach. We work within the National Response framework (NRF), National Information Management system (NIMS) and the Incident Command system. Our three tiered approach of evaluation, education and demonstration is our preamble to our commitment to excellence.

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CBRN Professionals FAQs

Who We Are
The CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Where We Are Located
Where we are based out of the Seattle, Washington area. We service all the major cities along the west coast, Hawaii, Pacific Rim and all the other major cities in the United States of America and its territories.

What We Do
We bring solutions to our customers using a three tiered approach of evaluating, educating and demonstrating our capabilities to enhance your organizations ability to mitigate most hazards. As a team we are skilled in creating training programs and providing consulting services to meet your specific needs as a customer. Our cyclic approach is our commitment to excellence in providing you the best deliverable possible.

Why We Do This
The events of 9/11 and other incidents over the last few years has led us to continue to serve our country to provide services to the private industry and department of defense in the defense and mitigation of CBRN/TICS/TIMS events. Our skill sets are of the highest caliber. Members off our staff have been exposed to these types of events in either real world events or in training. We also use an All-hazard approach based off the National Response Framework, National Incident Management System and Incident Command System models.

How We Do This
We are fiscally responsible to you our customer. We continuously seek ways to improve as an organization to operate efficiently and effectively providing you the best product and services especially in these tough economic times. We always do what is morally right. We communicate openly and honestly. Our business practices are based off a solid foundation of integrity.