CBRN Professionals Services

CBRN Professionals offers services for local public agencies as well as private companies.

  • CBRN Seminars for Organizations
  • CBRN Assessments and Vulnerabilities
  • CBRN Hazard Specific Appendixes Written
  • CBRN Exercise Development (Tabletop, Functional, Full-Scale Exercises)
  • Respiratory Protection Program Development for First Responders
  • CBRN Sustainment Services
  • Observer Controller
  • Hazardous Site Clean-up
  • HAZMAT Training


CBRN Professionals Training at San Diego Healthcare Center

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Why Choose CBRN Professionals?

We understand your needs

We all still live in a world that is unsafe. The recent events of September 11, 2001 solidified this for all Americans at home and abroad. Some of your employees are offsite and work a variety of different schedules. Many of us were away from our homes during the events of that unfaithful day. Was there a plan in place for an event of that magnitude that we faced on that morning? Most organizations would answer NO! Some of the After Action reports we evaluated had a common theme.

We, as an organization were not ready for the events of 9/11. It’s quite clear that we can never relax with the threat of a CBRN event looming at any time

CBRN Professionals understands the needs of organizations like yours. We are experienced in CBRN response mechanisms. We use a wide range of tools to meet your needs. We utilize a three tiered approach of Evaluation, Education, and Demonstration. We take pride in protecting our Nations most vital resource, which are our citizens.