CBRN Professionals Training Services

CBRN Professionals offers state-of-the-art training programs for government and private sector organizations. We also provide individual CBRN classes and basic CBRN skills instruction.

CBRN Professionals Training at San Diego Healthcare Center

CBRN Professionals Training at San Diego Healthcare Center

CBRN Training Services

  • CBRN Evidence Collection Training
  • CBRN Survey and Monitoring Techniques
  • CBRN Site Characterization Training for first responders
  • CBRN Terrorism Awareness
  • CBRN Incident Management Training
  • CBRN Consequences Management training procedures
  • Air Purifying Respirator
  • HAZMAT Training
  • SCBA Training

CBRN Courses

  • Worldwide threat briefing
  • Northwest threat briefing
  • Chemical Agents
  • Biological Agents
  • Radiological Isotopes
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Toxic Industrial Materials

More Info

For further information on CBRN Professionals training services and courses contact our Training Division at 1-866-862-6349.

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CBRN Professionals Training

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